Ok, no I didn't give my cat acupuncture. I just found this picture in the Internet and wanted to get your attention. I was the one that just had acupuncture and I feel great! I am having a problem with my leg and I asked a doctor friend of mine about it just too get her advice and she told me to come see her. So I went thinking we were just going to talk but she gave me a whole acupucture session or untangling as she called it. I have never had anything like that before and I'm a little skeptical about the whole thing but I'm always open to new things especially if they tell me is going to help me so I went ahead and did it. It hurt a little at first when she was getting the needles in but it is just a little sting. The needles are so tiny that you barely feel them. When she was done putting the needles in she left me alone in the room to relax for 15-20 minutes. I was really relaxed and warm and almost feel asleep. Maybe I did? Anyway, when she came back, took the needles out and let me go. I feel so good now. I am relaxed, and warm which is good today that the temperature is in the 40s and rainy. But most of all, I am energized. I feel like I can go on and on but I'm going to stop now. I don't know if it will help with my leg problem and I am still planing to see a regular doctor but I'm an acupuncture convert. Her name is Christi Bonds and she is opening an office in Lowertown called Integrative Medicine of Kentucky. The website is not up yet but I heard from a very reliable source, that it will be up soon. Click here in a few days.

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