The online dating saga continues...

Ok, so I'm starting to change my opinion about online dating. After weeding thru all the horrible prospects I mentioned before, I have actually met some good people. This morning I had my first date in 11 years! Can you believe that? It was very nice. And tonight I have another one! I'm hot! That's me on my way out the door. Doesn't that original Paul Lorenz in the back looks good?

Still I'm getting really strange and funny emails from guys and I can't help but tell you about. Like this one: "hey whats up u look cute give me a shout somtime maybe we acan talk". Yeah I'm shouting right now. DELETE. And then there was this one: "Man i am not really a picky person. Just be honest with me and i will be with you. If things escalate from there thats great. Just try not to be a lame duck cause i am an exciting person." Quack, quack... DELETE. And then I got and email from a 6'7" tall man. DELETE. I'll keep you posted.

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Mary Thorsby said...

You look fabulous! Tell us how your date went! xoxoxoxmt