Dinsky Saturdays

I posted before that I had to take down the quilt over my bed because Dinsky was scratching it. Well, here is bed now with the quilt changed. If you think that's a strange looking plant in the middle of the picture, look a little closer.

I just brought it in because is getting cold outside and Dinsy thinks is a very good idea. You guys must think that I have the most badly behaved cat. Well, I think so too.

On the last installment of the Potty Training Chronicles, I have to report that I gave in. Dinsky beat me. He was in the last stage of the training for 3 weeks and I tried and tried but he kept doing his business in other places except the toilet until one day I gave in and took out the litter box. As soon as I took it out Dinsky jumped in, scratched until 50% of the litter was all over the bathroom floor and took the biggest poop I have ever seen. He most have been holding it for two months. He is happy now.

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