A new phone?

Oops, I did it again. About a year and a half ago I washed my Razr phone in my jeans pocket. It came out pretty clean but it didn't work, as a phone that is. I went thru a lot of cheaper phones but I really liked the slimness of the Razr so I spent the money and bought another one. Fast forward to the present. One day I'm doing my dishes having a blast! All of a sudden I look down and there is my phone in between all the dirty dishes and under the soapy water! How it got there? I have no idea. My first thought was that The Dinsk had put it there but then I remember that he cannot climb on top of the kitchen counter. A friend of mine suggested that maybe I was a sleepwalker. I don't think so but the reason behind my phone being in the sink remains a mystery. What is no mystery is if my phone is going to work. After days of letting it dry out, it doesn't work. So I'm back on the search for the perfect phone. Meanwhile I am using my crappy back up phone but since it is free is looking pretty good right now.
Should I do like everyone else and get an iPhone? I think not. I don't want to pay $200+ on a phone that mysteriously is going to take a shower with me someday. Maybe I'll knit one, at least it will be more water resistant.

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Patience-please said...

Sorry about your phone but thanks for the laugh!!!