Disnky Saturdays

I am posting this at 11:06 pm on Saturday night. Almost didn't make it. Today, Dinsky is not in my group of fav five. He has been attacking the quilt I have hanging over my bed. The quilt looks really good there but I'm taking it down tomorrow. Right now Dinsky is banned from the bedroom. Every time he scratches the quilt I yell at him, I have some rolled up newspaper and I spank him, I beg him not to scratch the quilt, and nothing. He keeps doing it. It is one of my nicest quilts and the one I'm planning on entering in the AQS Quilt Show next year so I have to be careful with it.
Here he is playing with the rolled up newspaper and looking all innocent, which he is not may I add!


Patience-please said...

Bad Dinski! I LOVE that quilt! You could borrow a whippet or two... nah, on second thought.

Aynex Mercado said...

I'm going to hang the quilt in the living room where kitty claws can't get to it.