More online dating...

Yesterday I had my third date since starting this whole online dating thing. He is Puertorrican. We are probably the only two Puertorricans in Paducah. Maybe we can start a TV series... Puertorricans in Paducah or P.I.P! I can't say anymore because he is probably reading this right now. But it went well, I think.

Since you are probably waiting for me to make fun of some of the emails I've got, here's a couple: "WOULD TAKE THE LUCKY LADY TO THE OLIVE GARDEN FOR A WARM DINNER CANDEL LIGHT" and this one "im a 34 year old male divorced i dont get to see two of my kids right now but i do see my oldest. i'm very bored..." MMM! Tempting... but not. DELETE.

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Nikki D. May said...

Hey, you can't take credit for my Olive Garden Dream Guy!