Sand in the City

This week is the Paducah Summer Festival. There are a lot of things going on downtown but guess what I am doing today? I'm going to the movies. It is 100 degrees and with the humidity it feels like 115 degrees. I'm not going anywhere without A/C.

Yesterday I was at the quilt museum giving a demonstration on machine quilting in the lobby. The quilt museum is downtown so I ventured out for 15 minutes to see the sand sculptures. As part of the Summer Festival they have a sand sculpting contest. Employess of the big companies in town get together with an artist and build sand sculptures in the parking lot downtown. They asked for volunteers at one of the artists meeting and I am happy to say, I did not volunteer. They were building those sculptures yesterday in that heat in the middle of a parking lot!

The one that won was made by the US Bank. It shows Chief Paduke, the indian chief for whom the town was named after, hugging the bank building.

A funny one I think was made by Paducah Bank. It is a couch potato. There was a TV in tront but I didn't get it in the picture.

The things we do to entretain ourselves...

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