An old friend

I have a love hate relationship with my sewing machine. For 7 years I was a full time artist and my medium was art quilts, in case you didn't know. About 3 years ago I got burned out and didn't even wanted to touch a sewing machine.

I went back to school and became a graphic/web designer. All my creative juices went into my paid work and quilting just stopped. The only reason I would touch my sewing machine was to hem some pants (there is a lot of that) or make a quick gift.

I sometimes feel that I should start quilting again (I have had a few false starts already.)  But the inspiration is just not there. Art is something you just can't force. I think that one of the reasons I lost interest in quilting was that it wasn't challenging me anymore. When I had an idea for a quilt, the excitement was in seeing if I could make what I was seeing in my head. After 7 years, I knew I could do what I saw in my head so it became boring. 

During the past few days I have been using the sewing machine to make a cushion cover. It is not thing special or creative at all but every time I sit on the sewing machine I feel at home. Is that strange? I don't want to do it but when I do, it feels good. I don't get it.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Aynex...A sewing machine put me through college....then I went on to other medians...I had not dotted in about 3 years...now I can't stop!

William F. Renzulli said...

familiarity can be very comforting.