My Website Redesigned... Finally!

In Puerto Rico there is a saying that translated literally says:
In the house of the knifemaker they have wood knifes.
I'm sure there is something similar in English. But basically it refers to when you do something for a living you do it for other people and never have time to do it for yourself. I was a quilter for many years and I always slept under a store-bought comforter. I had a quilt designed on my head for my bed but never had time to make it.

I designed my website a year ago and almost didn't update it for a whole year. It looked pretty sad. Finally this summer I said "I'm going to redesign my web site no matter what!" and I did. Here is the result.

I'm pretty happy with it and have received good comments on it. I have a few more ideas for it but if I keep waiting until it is perfect, I'll never get it published! One of the negative comments I received was that it was too personal and not very business-like. I wanted to show a little personality and sense of humor and not have a website like every other designer out there. What do you think?


Nikki D. May said...

I think it looks great and I like the personal side! If people want a corporate type, they can go to a big company. People who want to work with freelancers want the personal connection. It's not overly personal, just enough to give a little taste of who you are! Great job.

And the expression in English is "The cobbler's children have no shoes."

Nikki D. May said...

p.s. I like that you redesigned your blog to match the design of your website!

gatofish said...

It looks great! Nice job. :)

Aynex Mercado said...

Thanks. I like your profile pic :)