Kandinsky Sunday - Part of the Family

I have been living in Maryland for almost 10 months now. By now I can consider myself part of the family. Yeah, I'm not proud of saying that I'm related to a dog. Especially one named Chubakachalakadingdong. But the rest of the family is ok. I have wrestling matches with Luna, Artemis leaves me alone as long as I leave her alone. Mr. Meany has his hands full with the dog and he has been leaving me alone too. Aynex opens the door for me and lets me out once in awhile when no one is looking.

They must all feel like I'm part of the family too because now I have a nickname which I don't appreciate. They call me Mafafo. In English that means Fatso. That is not very nice. But isn't that what family does? I tell them all the time, I'm not FAT, I'm PHAT!

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William F. Renzulli said...

A belated happy birthday wish Aynex.

We still love you...and we're waiting for you to come home.