Kandinsky Sunday - F you too!

A week ago another inferior blog was brought to my attention. It has the unfortunate name of F*ck You Penguin. The author is not sophisticated enough to put the * but my polite paws cannot type that word. The author of this blog wastes his worthless time insulting cute defenseless animals.

But not all animals are defenseless because here is what the Dinsk is going to bring down on you. WHO THE H*LL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN TYPE IN CAPS LOCK? I feel sorry for you because your life must be so pathetic that you have to take it out on those that cannot do anything about it. And what is with the 'tude, dude? You need therapy. There's got to be a pill for that.

I'm sure you don't have any friends. I'm so sure you don't have any friends that you are asking a dog to be your friend. A DOG FOR CRIPES SAKES!! How desperate of you. And don't tell me you have 6,948 Facebook friends. They are your friends just so you don't see what a pathetic loser you are and end up killing yourself.

I wouldn't be so mad if you had kept your insults to other inferior species but when you bring your hate to the felines that's what makes me mad. You don't want to see the Dinsk mad! I know why you write such hateful words. YOU ARE ENVIOUS! You probably sit in a friking cubicule 40 hours a week and serve hambergers in the weekends just so you can afford to pay for your 400 square-foot closet that you call apartment and at night you look in the mirror and see your ugly face! And then you see us. When can help but be cute 24/7. Not only are we cute but we have people bringing us food and petting us and giving us a bed to sleep on for free.

You are especially envious of cats that can sit like this all day and don't have to do anything else all day. Well let me show you how I was sitting last night.

I hope you are boiling with envy right now. You better top this sh*t or I'm going to cut you!


Anonymous said...

trying much?

Anonymous said...

learn to take a joke, asstard

Anonymous said...

And here we have another person who takes things way too seriously.