When in Puerto Rico...

I have been in Puerto Rico for four days and I am already four pounds heavier. I have been eating my way through the island. Filling the time between meals seeing some of the sights and visiting family and friends.

The day I arrived, Lourdes and Nikki, my Puerto Rico and Paducah BFFs, were waiting for me at a German pizzeria. Yeah, you heard right. A German pizzeria in Puerto Rico.

The next day we went for breakfast at La Bonbonera and walked in Old San Juan.

Then we drove for an hour and a half to Lares for some ice cream after having some Puertorrican lunch on the way. We have a lot of pictures in restaurants.

This is not just any ice cream.

Among their flavors they have rice and bean, garlic, plantain, corn, ginger, sweet potato, white beans, avocado and peanut.

They sound crazy but they are actually good. Although I hear garlic flavored ice cream is not that hot.

When we got back to San Juan we got Chinese take out and fell asleep watching a boring movie and having dreams of Jude Law.

Stay tuned for more food-filled Puertorrican adventures...

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Paul Lorenz said...

...looks like you three had a grand time...! thanks for the birthday call...i am still chuckling...