More from Puerto Rico

I am back in Maryland. The reason I did not post before is that we where staying at a historic house. We were at my BFF Lourdes' house and it is historic because it is the last house in history to not have internet. The public places that had Internet were not that great either. So here are some more pictures of our trip.

We went to the Museum of Art

But we couldn't take pictures inside so here is an outside shot.

I couldn't stop looking at Nikki's nose rings the whole trip.

I would take my eyes of Nikki's nose rings to look at the beautiful scenery.

I visited with my family.

We tried the authentic Puertorrican food like plantain-covered sushi.

The food is not green. They just had color-changing lights at the restaurant.

And we also went to the Contemporary Art Museum.

I'll post those pictures next time.

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Fiber Focus said...

Hi, Aynex! I haven't checked your blog in awhile and as usual, I see I cannot feel sorry for you.... One wonderful experience after another! How great that you got to go down to PR and see all these people. Fun to see Nikki there, too! Hope you are happy and well! Miss you here in Paducah!