Kandinsky Sunday - Curses!

I know you wake up every Sunday morning and the first thing you do is go to your computer to read my column. I have disrupted your whole Sunday routine. I apologize but I haven't been writing because I am so mad that I didn't want to.

I was so happy in my new home in Maryland. There were just a couple feline drawbacks. Then one day the best thing that could have happened, happen. I saw an outside door open! It was a glorious day! The sun was shinning, the birds were singing, which by the way, they got some strange birds here. Have you ever heard wild peacocks singing? They sound like screaming humans, weird...

Anyhoo, I went outside and I could feel the fresh grass under my paws and I was in heaven. There is a hill behind the house and I felt like exploring.

That's when I heard this conversation:

Mortal Aynex: "There is Dinsky. He is going down the hill."

Little Mortal Kiara: "Down the hill! That's were the foxes are!!"

I heard Aynex freak out and come out the door and start calling my name. I ran away as fast as I could so she couldn't find me and lock me up with my archenemies again.

I came back home that night after a full day of new smells, sounds and creatures. I was starting to get hungry. I meowed at the door and the door open and I heard the mortal yelling at me but I wasn't paying attention. There was a plate of food calling my name. The only thing I heard were the words "never again".

Since that day the outside door hasn't open to let me out. But I am not quitting so easily. I have a plan. Even though it is hard on my vocal chords, I have been meowing nonstop next to the door for two weeks straight. I especially like to do it when the Mortal is trying to sleep. I also have a second tactic. I have decided to make the door mat my bed and lay in a way that the mortals can't open the door without a fight.

I'll stop doing it when the winter comes because I don't want them to think I'm a draft stopper.


Anonymous said...

Our gato, Pickles, LOVES being outside, but he is not allowed to go. So periodically we take him on "spacewalks" where we hold him in our arms (very firmly) and walk him around, letting him smell different things. Of course then he spends the next day or do throwing himself at the door, trying to get back to the wide, wonderful world. :)

Aynex Mercado said...

If I do that with Dinsky, I won't have any arms left.