Most of all I'll miss my BFF... def!

Ha! You thought I was leaving you out. How can I do that? Nikki is my BFF and she will be the thing I'll miss most in Paducah. We were friends before but we were not bestest friends like we are now and lately we have become lesbifriends. There is no sex involved. She would crush me. We have our own secret language with dictionary included, our periods became in almost perfect sync, we order the same thing at restaurants, and she translates what I say to other people. Only my boyfriend of ten years could do that.

Although she's had a big lapse in intelligence lately in the men department

and she uses a PC even after I made her a messenger bag for her Mac,

Nikki is one of the smartest persons I know. She went to school and got an art degree. She then became a graphic designer and then a web designer and she mostly figured it all on her own. She is also one of the bravest most determined people I know. She said that by age forty she was going to quit her job to have more time for her art and before her fortieth birthday, she quit her job with IBM where she made $$$ and started working on her own doing web design and theoretically she will have more time for her art. Let's hope this determination translates also to her weight loss goal. Shut up, I know.

She is the coolest and funniest person I know. In fact for a couple of years after my move here I really wanted to be her friend but I didn't think I was cool enough to be her friend. I just had to figure out her M.O. You just have to invite her places or drop by because she has a bad case of inertia. She will probably hate me for announcing this to the world and it may come as a surprise to some because she hides it well but she is a very generous, nice, helpful, genuine person even if her favorite phrase is "People Suck." She is always there when I need her, no matter what. She even baked cookies for me the day after starting a diet to cheer me up. And this is a person who doesn't ever cook. She is a tech geek and is always glued to her phone.

One day Mary Thorsby had an idea. Why don't we make an online calendar for all the events going on in Paducah. They partnered and formed iListPaducah.com. Mary writes and Nikki does the design and technical stuff. If Mary had come to me with the idea I would have said that sounds great, good luck with that. But good thing she didn't talked to me. They started the website about a year ago and now it is THE place to post your events in Paducah and it is free. Nikki and Mary spend most of their life on it and had done a great job.

For quite a while this is what my blog profile has said:

Well, I think I have figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be like Nikki May. I want to be a graphic/web designer. I want to be funny and cool like her. I want to be self sufficient and independent. I want to stand for what I believe in and not take any crap from anyone. I want to know when to say NO. And hopefully have a smaller pant size and better luck with men.
I am honored that she calls me her friend and it makes me so sad to leave her even though she has two of the most annoying dogs

and is trying to steal my Puerto Rico BFF.

I know she'll never be too far away. I just need to login to my Yahoo Messenger and there she will be. Working on iList ready to listen to whatever I have to say. And we won't be apart for too long because we are moving to Portland, OR when she decides that it is her time to leave Paducah. That is before I move with Paul and Louis to Italy. Maybe Nikki and Maria will join us too.

Click here to see a video I made of her 40th funeral birthday party.


Nikki D. May said...

Aynex, there is too much that I want to say in response to this post... but you've left me speechless for the moment! I'm going to miss you so so so so much! More later...

Martie said...

I'll help take good care of your best friend.