I'll miss... weekend mornings at Etcetera

Etcetera Coffeehouse is the neighborhood coffee place and every Saturday and Sunday morning that is where I am. Because of them is why I just started to be addicted to coffee and I am a coffee snob.

I go there and sit with the regulars Martie and Micheal. Johanna, the owner, sits with us sometimes and Allan, the other owner, pops up here and there once in a while. Nikki, my BFF, comes in a little later (she's lazy) and then Ruth, Denise and her work friends come too.

It is a great place even if you don't drink coffee. They have bubble tea and bagels and homemade baked goods. But the best part of the whole experience is the company. And the people that work there always have smiling faces.

Except Emilee. Don't mess with her. Here's a video I made of Etcetera.


Patience-please said...

See you there in an hour. (I know, I'll see you sooner and we'll go vote, but what kind of lame ass comment would that be?)

Jean@etc said...

hey, jerk-face.
etcetera loves you too. do you know that sometimes i get online to watch your movie about the shop to make sure i'm still doing the right thing with my life, even though it, like, sometimes makes me tear up a little? how emabarassing.

later, dude.