I'll miss... The Stranded Cow

We have one restaurant in Lowertown. This restaurant is a block away from my house.
The food is great and the owner is the most wonderful generous person in the world and makes the best cakes. And she is single, guys.

This wonderful place is called The Stranded Cow. It is called that because during the '37 flood the owner of the house owned a cow. He didn't wanted the cow to drown so he put the cow on the second floor of the house. The Coast Guard would come to feed her in row boats and her milk was given to the other nearby neighbors that were stranded too. In their website you can see pictures of the cow on the second floor porch that were published in National Geographic.

When she opened the restaurant, I made her a quilt of a cow.

I probably eat there about every two weeks and she has only let me pay twice. When I leave their revenues are going to go up and my waist measurement will probably go down.

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Anonymous said...

I love you Anyex!

The Cow Lady
(Or sometimes known as Grace)