I'll miss... Sista's Club and Fiber Arts Group

I'm breaking the first rule of Sista's Club. The first and only rule of Sista's Club is "you don't talk about Sista's Club". Sista's Club is a group of women that gets together at undetermined times in undetermined places. There is no rules, no dress code, no obligation to bring any food, just be there. Whenever one of the Sista's needs to get together, that's when the meeting happens. There is always food, preferably chocolate, tons and tons of wine and a good sista's ear to listen to your jokes, problems, etc...

I'm also going to miss the Fiber Arts Group. Now their official name is the Paducah Fiber Artists Group. When I lived Massachusetts I belonged to a big group of quilters. There were a kinds of quilters: young, old, artsy, traditional. When I moved here I was so excited to be part of a quilting group here because this was Quilt City U.S.A. and I waas sure there were all kinds of quilters here. I was a little mistaken. There were some organized groups of quilters and I joined them at the beginning. They were all very nice and welcomed me like everyone else did in Paducah. They were just not into the same type of quilting that I was into. So I decided to start my own group. I talked to a few quilters that had just moved to Paducah and I knew they were more into the art side of quilting and we started the Fiber Arts Group. At the first meeting there were about 7 of us. Now the group has grown to about 20. Quilters come from as far as Missouri to come to our monthly meetings. At first the group was very informal we just got together, eat some food, drink some wine (are you seeing a trend here) and show and talk about our latest projects. Now they are getting more formalized getting an official name, and planning group shows.

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Mary Thorsby said...

How great! We'd be happy to list the shows and meetings on ilistpaducah.com!!! xoxooxmt