I'll miss... Mamacita and Papacito

While I lived here I had a lot of moms and dads. Whenever I would get a cold, I had twenty different moms telling me what to do. Whenever I needed something fixed in the apartment, I would have twenty different dads to help me. But I had only one Mamacita and one Papacito. When I went to have dinner at Casa Cuckoo, I knew that I needed at least a two-hour reservation. In Mamacita and Papacito's house I could just open the door without knocking whenever I wanted and Mamacita would go straight to the kitchen to chop vegetables for the salad while Papacito fed me chocolates from the other side and my brother Erik would curse at everything. Or we would just sit on their beautiful round porch on the corner of Eighth and Monroe and chat and yell at the people that drove by too fast and wonder when are they going to install a toll for all those people that come to Lowertown to look at the beautiful houses to help the residents pay their mortgages. And finally listen to Ike's Powerful Mandate.

When ever I needed anything, I knew I just had to call them and they were going to be right at my door. They took me grocery shopping all the time. Ike took me to work and back everyday for a month when I was having trouble with my hip and couldn't ride the bike. They drove three hours to Lexington and three hours back the same day when I had to go there for a drivers training.

I know that me leaving is going to hurt them the most even though I wasn't a very good daughter and even killed them once.

But I got to do what I got to do. As Charlotte says "they will survive and we will always have the memories of our time together" and nobody can take that away from us.

Here's a video of our trip to Lexington.

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Anonymous said...

we will miss you so!

mamacito & papacito