Where in the world are my quilts?

In Paducah, KY. That is where they are. This week the whole Quilting World centers in Paducah when the town hosts the AQS Quilt Show. It is the second largest quilt show in the country and over 30,000 people come to town. Mostly gray-haired-roundish-quilted-bag-wearing ladies with smiling faces fill our streets with a few bored husbands thrown in.

So where can you see (and hopefully buy, not big hopes there)?

  • Pinecone Gallery - 421 North 7th Street - They are having an opening reception tonight (Wednesday) from 6-8 pm.
  • Bebe's Artisan Market - 107 Market Square - The quilt in my Adios Paducah postcard is there.
  • Market at 315 - 315 Brodway Street
  • Heart of Healing Gallery - 233 North 7th Street - Most of my moderately-priced things are there. Including small framed quilts, my flower pincushions, and all my used quilt books that I don't want to take with me.
  • Texaco Station - 402 North 7th Street - My quilt of the Texaco Station is there and as a bonus you get to see my smiling face 11 am -4 pm.
  • A.I.R. Studio - 621 Madison Street - Two doors down from the Texaco are my latest quilts that you can view from the window. One was quilted by Pam Heavrin and the other by Sally Terri. Also my sculpture is there.
And no, I'm not in the big show. Why, you ask? They had the audacity of rejecting my quilt. I entered the quilt with the dogwoods and they didn't want it. Their loss.

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