Happy Birthday iList!

Today is the birthday of Paducah's one and only bestest online calendar iListPaducah.com. I may be a little bias since my BFF and cute, cute, cute Mary Thorsby are the driving forces behind the website but I got to tell you it is good, good, good, no doubt about it!

If you are ever bored in Paducah and want to find something to do, just go to the iList and you will find something to do. Even things that you had no idea were happening like an Evening of Chocolate in Murray that is happening this Thursday and I can believe no one told me about. I already have plans that night but that is good since I'm trying to lose weight. Six pounds, so far! Woo Hoo! Do I sound like I just had a cup of coffee? I'm typing at lighting speed too. Anywhoo... check out the iList Birthday celebration where they talk about me. It is always about me, isn't it? Well, it is my blog. Basically, my contribution to the iList was being the class clown. Happy Birthday, iList!


Nikki D. May said...

It is all about you! How would we exist without you?

Mary Thorsby said...

You're our class INSPIRATION! And it IS all about you! Mostly all about you! xoxooxmt

Ashley said...

What the heck? There was an evening of chocolate in Murray and nobody told me? What is this?

Oh, hi by the way :)