Letter-A-Day: R

For today's Letter-A-Day R Challenge I refashioned a dress. I turned a too-big-for me-long dress into a baby doll dress. I'm pretty happy with the results and it is definitely my style. Here is the dress I started with:

And here is the refashioning!

Here's a diagram of what I did in case you don't believe that it is the same dress. Click on the image to see a larger version.

This is good start to my Wardrobe Refashion Challenge.


Nikki D. May said...

cute cute cute, no doubt about it!

Mary Thorsby said...

It's DARLING!!!!! In chance you could fashion outfits that are now, um, too small, into larger ones?

Aynex Mercado said...

Always something can be worked out.

madre-terra said...

How great! You are adorable in that.