Kandinsky Sunday - R.I.P.

Ok, I really didn't starve to death. But I'm about to. You see, someone is supposed to bring me food but she hasn't. I am afraid that something horrible has happened. She is not very bright and the proof of that is that she owns nine whippets. Yeah, I said nine. Those whippets are no good. You can see it in those beady eyes. I don't know why they are so malevolent. They were so friendly to me during our photoshoot.

I know, I kept saying to the photographer that the gray curtain wasn't good for my complexion but she insisted. During our photo shoot they attacked my bread bearer as I watched in amazement at such chaos.

Well, I hope I'll get my food one of these days and the poor senile woman is ok.


Celeste said...

Ahhhh....poor Kandinsky, having those hallucinations, again? Paranoid ideation? You know that catnip can cause of sorts of problems....perhaps, an intervention is in order.

Such a shame to see you stoop to such pitiful maneuvers....really, there is help out there.

Gabi, appointed scribe for the Wayward Whippets

madre-terra said...

What a crack up!
You got yourself some cat.

Patience-please said...

Lucky for you our Servant had to take the manservant back to his winky doctor in Nashville and was gone all day. She has to go get US food tomorrow, hopefully she will keep forgetting about you. Do you need disgusting cat potty product as well?

grrrrrrr from the whippets