Letter-A-Day: K

Look who joined me for coffee this morning. They are kitty toys designed by Teresa Levy and are filled with catnip. When I was making them yesterday, I knew that Dinsky was going to go bezerk when I started filling the little mice. So I closed the bedroom door before I started. In the middle of the operation, the door opened and in comes Dinsky. I have my hands full with opened mice in one hand and a bowl of catnip on the other. Immediately Dinsky detected the catnip and attacked! Catnip went everywhere! It was all over me and all over the floor. I tried to save as much as I could but Dinsky was going crazy so I left the room, closed the door behind me and waited for the catnip high to calm down.

This morning I had a very nice time with the gang. They turned out so cute that I didn't wanted to give them to The Dinsk to destroy but he found one anyway. Here's a video.

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