Letter-A-Day: H

Do you like the picture I took of my hips? I wish! I didn't make anything today. My thing of the day was learning about hip dysplasia. According to the last doctor I saw that is what I have. I don't have arthritis. What the doctor explained to me was that when I was born my hip bone was not formed correctly. The sockets were not deep enough and the femur is not held in place like it should. The only way to fix it, according to him, is with a total hip replacement. I'm still talking to doctors and nothing has been decided.

So in the meantime, I am doing some research. It turns out that if they had noticed this when I was born, I would have had to wear a harness like this one for six weeks and that could have solved the problem. So much for having a cute baby! This is mostly common in large dogs. Almost all the information online is about dogs or babies. What about the older hipless? Only 0.4% of babies have it and I had to be the lucky one.

Of all the things I read the fact that it "can eventually cause crippling lameness" worries me the most. Upon further investigation of what lameness really means I found out that it means "failing to be cool". I cannot let this happen. This is an emergency. I need a new hip right away to stay hip in this world! And get me a titanium one. Then I will really be cool!


Patience-please said...

Aynex, nothing,, but NOTHING could interfere with your cooolness. I mean, if you can own a cat and still be cool...???
Yeah. I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

Your the coolest person I know Aynex. And I really mean that.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think you should wear the harness now. It might not fix anything, but you'd sure look cute in it! LOL.