Today is... National Answer Your Cat's Question Day

So my life has been pretty boring lately. The most exciting thing that has happened was that I was visited by a paper doll. I want to post to this blog but I have no blogworthy material so surfing the internets I found all these crazy holidays. So I'll do a Crazy Holiday Series until something more exciting happens in my life.

What better way to start the series with National Answer Your Cat's Question Day. Dinsky is asleep on my computer chair at the moment so he is not asking me anything. His only questions or demands are always "Where is my food?" "Can you pet me NOW?" and "When are you going to open this door so I can go out?" But I have a question for Dinsky now as I sit on the floor typing this post "Why do I let this cat rule my life like this?"

But look at how cute he is!


Patience-please said...

Our favorite holiday is...
National Burp Up C-A-T Fuzz Day.

Ha Ha Ha ha ha!

evil snears from the Whippets

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute wins every time and our people/servants know it!
Belle, Leo and Squeak