Trees, Christmas and Otherwise

On Christmas Day I was invited to three Christmas dinners and you know I can't say no. This part will only make sense to Puertorricans. I had a conversation with my dad and it went like this:

Papi: Tu estas como la oreja.
Aynex: Como la oreja?
Papi: Como la oreja...siempre pega al cachete!

Ok, back to gringo-talk. So first my friend Mike (a.k.a MM) invited me to his parents house in Kevil. It was a very nice dinner and I met his family and we had a very nice conversation with MM's niece, Isabelle that must be about 7 years old. Here is their Christmas Tree.

If you look closer, there is a train track with a toy train in the middle of the tree. Pretty cool. Then we went to Paulette Mentor's house were we had wine, dessert again and talked to a lot of the neighbors. Here is one of her Christmas Trees.

Finally, we went to Karen Utz's house and had more wine and dessert but I was good and had some salad too. There we listened to some great music and talked to more neighbors. Here is her Christmas Tree.

I don't know if it was the wine but the trees got smaller as the night went on. I made some machine embroidered fiber art trees as hostess gifts.

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Jlily said...

Thank you for including our Christmas Tree in your "Christmas Gallery"-blog. We enjoyed meeting you at long last. It was a short visit but enjoyable for us. I LOVE my fabric tree!!!Thank you and come and see us again, please!JLily