Kandisky Sunday

Kandisky here. Reporting on the real identity of Mystery Man. I know that everyone is dying to know. Mortals can be so nosy...

In the last few days, there has been a strange guy hanging around my kingdom. I don't mind him being here because he knows who the real Head of the Household is. He obeys my every wish, cleans my water dish (the other mortal waits until there is a brown film of gunk over my water to clean it, yuck!) and has a very comfy jacket to lay on. His real name is Mike but we will keep calling him Mystery Man for now. MM for short. Looks better.

My mortal saw this picture and said "Look at those eyes!" I don't see what is the big deal about his eyes. Mine are prettier and they even shine. Look:

Another reason to love living with a quilter, boxes of fabric scraps to lay on.

Yesterday, MM was in my kingdom, helping my mortal get ready for a funeral that is happening tomorrow. I though that mortals were supposed to be sad when they are going to a funeral but my mortal was happy and laughing. She must have a few screws loose but I'm sure she would tell you more about the funeral later as she has been making a big deal about it.

As you can see, I was helping too. Don't I look pretty?


Mike (AKA: MM) said...

Well, you know, Dinsk, it would be hard to find a mortal with eyes as pretty as yours, that shine like yours do! I don't know how we would have gotten all our chores done without your help!

Mary Thorsby said...

AYNEX! He is DARLING!!!! Two TOTAL thumbs up!!! xoxoxomt

Suzanne said...

Thanks for clearing this up. (I'm just going to assume that he has thumbs.)

Patience-please said...

I'm way confused. I thought it was Kadinsky. Dinsky for short.
What's this Kandisky?
Don't confuse me. MM looks nice. I'm mad I missed meeting him.

MM said...

Thanks for the compliment, Mary! I know I'm not worthy, but I'll do my best to keep her happy! :) A message for Patience: I'm sorry we missed you the other night. I think Aynex mentioned something about a possible dinner invite at your place. I'm all for that! My days off are Friday and Saturday.