Me in ONE word

I apologize for not having posted in a while but who would have known that having a boyfriend would keep me so busy. Yes, I said it. My boyfriend. When I was doing the "online dating thing" I became obsessed with it and didn't make time for anything else. I thought "Once I find someone, I'll have more time". Ha! I know you all want to know more about Mystery Man but I'll keep you in suspense a little while longer.

Yesterday I got an email from Patience with a game. She asked me and some other friends to describe her in one word. After describing her, I was supposed to ask some other friends to describe me in one word. I did it. This are the words I got back:

Ok, I have to explain that last one. The person who described me as "manhungry" is someone I started hanging out with when I started the "online dating thing". I would see her every morning and give her an update of the latest in my dating world. Therefore she has a skewed version of me. I swear!


Jlily said...

I'm still waiting to meet Miss. right. She sounds like a terriffic gal. Jlily

Mike said...

Patience, please!