What's in a name?

Continuing with my search for people with my name I ran across the website How Many of Me? This is a site that uses US Census information to tell you how many people in the US have your name. According to them, no one has my first name, which we have established is not true. 51,549 people have my last name making Mercado the 675th most popular last name in the US. That was pretty amazing. I would have thought it would be lower on the list but with Hispanics dropping babies at every corner, that makes sense. Oh, I'm going to get some hate mail now. By the way, Smith is the most popular name in the US and 99.63 of all people named John are male. Poor John girls! What where there parents thinking?

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Mary Thorsby said...

OK, well, How Many of Me says I don't even exist. That is so not a good way to start the day. Little do they know that there's enough of me to go around!