Could this be the end of my online dating career?

I have decided to put online dating on hold. I have a few possibilities and I want to see where they go without any more distractions. You'll be glad to know, they all have thumbs. I couldn't leave you without a few more yummy slices of this very interesting dating pie. Here are a few profile gems:

He writes: I want 2 write u with Gold but m pen only hold ink.
I think: Aren't you writing with a computer?

He writes: i work 72 hours a week nights so my job is a big big part of my like and my little girl thats is (8)
I think: Do you have time to breath? Why are you looking for dates? What is with the parenthesis?

And finally, my friend GG, who is also doing "the online dating thing" got an email one day that she felt compelled to send me because it was so blogworthy and she is the anti-blog. If you know her, you know she is a big atheist and says it very clearly in her profile. She cannot count the times guys email her that clearly haven't read her profile. Here's an example:
...im a god fearing and honest man that don't like hoting [what?] peoples life.... we can talk more and and know if you are the one that god has sent to me to make me a complet man [Clearly he is not complete. He is missing an "e"]... I know you can answer these questions and a few more mabye when i get a response from you on this message [don't think you are getting one]. I am not willing to play head games or short term as what i seek is a relationship that will be for keeps and contentment. I want a relationship that will be for keeps [you said that already]... When we get to talk more,there will be so much to talk about [I don't think so]. I am hoping i would get a message after you read.
Remain Blessed. [best ending ever! Does he have thumbs?]

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