Busy Thanksgiving Day

I know that all of you want to know what a typical day in my life. I am going to describe Thanksgiving Day because it was a busy day and then you'll think that I have a pretty interesting life.

6:36 am - Open eyes. Surprised that The Dinsk hasn't woke me up yet.

6:38 am - Here he comes walking all over me, literally. Meow! I can sleep in today. It is Thanksgiving. There is nothing to do. Close eyes.

6:42 am - "FEED ME!" says the cat

7:02 am - I give in. Here's your food, CAT!

7:05 am - Brush teeth. Potty Break. Talk amongst yourselves.

7:14 am - Check email. A few interesting ones plus a lot of junk.

7:33 am - Sign into MySpace. I only add the people I know so don't ask me to add you if I don't know you. I hate to admit it but I have turned into a myspace junkie.I hate the way it looks and how it lets people with no design sense do all these crazy things to their pages with complete disregard to the people that have to read their pages and have seizures with all the blinking things. But it is a good way to keep in touch with your friends. I also have Facebook mostly to keep in touch with my high school friends. So much time wasted... Anyway, I digress...

7:46 am - I start my daily morning chat with the Google Goddess. You see, she is a web designer and she is at her computer working all day. She works on the iListPaducah website with Mary Thorsby. I'm at the computer all day too. I just don't have an excuse. Whenever I think of something to tell her, she is always there to listen. She doesn't seem to mind me interrupting her work every 5 minutes. Maybe those interruptions are the reason she has to work all day. Hmm... I call her my BFF and she loves it! She changes the definition from time to time.

8:04 am - My BFF leaves me to play with her nephews. I catch up on my Willian Sledd videos. Ask myself why do I do this to myself. He's not that funny and kind of annoying but I'm glad he is getting all this attention, though. I think I watch the videos because he is from Paducah and if someone says something about him I don't want to be like "I dunno..." Plus, it is fun to see the places I hang out in too. Anyway, I digress again...

8:22 am - Shower.

8:47 am - Wash dishes. Start coffee. Smells good.

8:55 am - Drink coffee and eat toast. Note to self: Gotta leave empty space for today's eating marathon.

9:11 am - Start load of laundry.

9:23 am - Work on blog and other computer stuff.

10:03 am - My Mom calls to say Happy Turkey Day. We chat for a long time. Family is doing well, if you are wondering.

11:00 am - Made all the necessary Thanksgiving phone calls and an uncomfortable one. Sent a few text messages.

1:50 pm - Start second chatting session with GG.

2:28 pm - Leave for Dinner #1 at The Stranded Cow. Walk one block. I'm glad when I get there to see all my friends and they are playing . It is funny to see people in their 50's (sorry guys) playing board games. Funny but cool.

2:36 pm - Join the game. The first card that comes out is definitely referring to me. Cute and Cuddly. Win the first two rounds. You don't need to know the rest.

3:03 pm - They bring out the turkey. Carve it and we dig in. The food was yummy. I am impressed at Michael's cooking skills. We go around the table and say why what are we thankful for. Nothing juicy. Just the usual, friends, family, health, blah, blah, blah... Drink: 1 glass of wine Dessert: Pumpkin Pie

Someone is ready for food...

4:43 pm - I gathered some leftovers and said my good byes. Potty break again. Yawning a lot.

5:05 pm - Walk one block. Arrive at home. "Where have you been, woman? Where's my food?" says the cat. Feed the cat. Give him some lovin'. Send a quick text message to GG.

5:42 pm - Leave to Dinner #2 at Etcetera. Walk one block. Glad to see half of the neighborhood there and a very long table of food. Too stuffed to eat again. I noticed some familiar faces that were at Dinner #1 eating again at Dinner #2. Not mentioning names...Drink: 1 glass of wine Dessert: German Chocolate Cake, Minced Meat Pie. Never too stuffed for dessert. Yawning some more.

6:55 pm - Off to Dinner #3. Walk two blocks with my friend Louis and talked about why men do the things they do.

7:02 pm -Arrive at Anita's. More friends are there. I know, I have a lot of friends and I am thankful for that but there is someone who followed me to Dinners #1, #2 and #3. Again, not mentioning names. Drink: 1 glass of wine Dessert: Lemon Cheesecake. Yawning some more.

8:12 pm - Potty Break. No pictures of that.

8:33 pm - Walk home three blocks. Belly very full. Yawn. Got... to get..home. Yawn.

8:42 pm - Arrive home. Open the door. The Dinsk gets out. Not tonight! I pick him up. This cat is getting fatter by the minute.

8:45 pm - Fold the laundry that is in the washer/dryer.

9:03 pm - Change into jammies and close eyes. Over and out.


Anonymous said...

I got tired just from reading this one! LOL. Three Thanksgiving dinners mean you must really have a lot to be thankful for. :)


Patience-please said...

Hey little porker... Ummmm, weren't YOU at all three dinners too? I'm just sayin'...
Happy Sunday nothing day-