Dinsky Saturdays

Here is a picture of Dinsky in the sink. Apparently cats love sinks. There is a whole website devoted to cats in sinks. It is very appropriately called Cats in Sinks and like they say "It's about cats. In Sinks." Like my friend the Google Goddess says, there is a website about everything.

I haven't posted anything about the Dinsky's potty training because there is not much to report. He has stayed in the last stage of the training and doesn't want to get past it. So now there is only 1" of kitty litter around the hole of the toilet. When I try to remove the tray completely, he walks on the toilet seat meowing and ends up peeing and pooping in the tub. Of all the places he can do his business besides the toilet, the tub is the best. One day I thought I was very clever by removing all the litter and leaving the empty tray in the toilet. He used it once or twice but later went back to using the tub. It made me feel better about it when we were visiting a neighbor during my Thursday's adventure and he used my neighbors toilet. So he is not completely toilet trained but the tray in the toilet is ten times better than having a litter box.


Mary Thorsby said...

Did you upload your photo to the Cats in Sinks Web site? xoxomt

Aynex Mercado said...

I did.