What the... ?

The other day Nikki and I were driving back from the Vet and we saw this:

We thought it was the funniest thing. Now we finish each other sentences with "seasoned with salt" and whatever we say sounds so much funnier. Try it! Unfortunately, we asked our Christian friend Gretchen if that made any sense. She told us the meaning of it and that took all the fun out of it.
Today I'm leaving to visit my family in Maryland. I want to see them but I'm not looking forward to the trip. It is such a drag but at least I'm leaving out of Paducah and not out of Nashville.
Dinsky is staying with Auntie Mary and Uncle Brucie and he is ready to act all cute, cute, cute. No doubt about it.

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anessa said...

So, what the heck does it mean?
I think it's funny (and very strange) , too....
Seasoned with salt? Like the salt of the earth?
Btw, I really like your new hairdo!
Can you believe William Sledd is all over Louisville, too? Crazy!