Travel Chronicles: Day One

The reason that I started this blog was mainly to keep my family up-to-date in what I was doing in Paducah. This week I’m going to Maryland to visit my family and since my family never reads the blog but my neighbors do, I have decided to document my travels to keep my neighbors up-to-date instead. I will try to write almost every day. Let’s see how that goes…

I started the day with my morning ritual of going to Etcetera Coffeehouse but today I was in a hurry and I was there only 20 minutes as opposed of the hour that I spend there usually. Then Mary Thorsby came to pick me and Dinsky up. We set up Dinsky at Mary’s house and left for the Paducah airport. I hope that Dinsky wants to come back home after a week in the Brockenborough (sp?) Palace.

The flight from Paducah to Memphis was uneventful except for a guy that told me that he recognized me from the Internet. I said probably but I have no idea what he meant. Note to self: The next time you book a flight out of Paducah always pick Seat A. The planes out of Paducah have only tree seats per row. Seat A, then the aisle, then Seats C and D. Why there isn’t a Seat B, I have no idea but Seat A has no one sitting next to you and leaving from Paducah that can be a real plus.

I arrived at Memphis at the gate that I was supposed to leave from and began writing this blog entry and lost track of time. I looked at the clock and it was ten minutes before my flight was leaving and there was no one at the gate. Clearly they had changed it. I ran as best as I could got to the right gate as they were closing the door and thankfully made it to Maryland savely where I met with my family and had some crappy pizza.

Now aren’t you glad you read all this nonsense and I’m going to do this regularly?

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Mary Thorsby said...

Glad you arrived safely! And Dinksy is doing just fine. He's a night cat, isn't he?