Stranded in Paducah

This weekend was the second biggest event in Paducah, Barbeque on the River. The first one is the Quilt Show. Barbeque on the River is a festival were people come from all over and sell barbeque and compete against each other to see who has the best barbeque. In te south barbeque is usually pulled pork with this disgusting sauce on top. It is not even normal barbeque sauce. But they love it. The whole town smell like smoke for a week. Rob and I went Friday night and in the spirit of the event I was sweating like a pig. Here ae some pics.

This is one of the competitors. They make showy booths to attract people. This one is a replica of The Stranded Cow house that is two blocks away from mine. The story of the house is that in the 1937 flood when the water was up to the first floor of some houses, the owner of this house had a cow and didn't wanted the cow to drawn so he brought the cow to the second floor of the house. There are pictures of him coming every day with a row boat to feed the cow. Artists bought that house and are renovating it to put a cafe and gift shop there.

This was another showy booth that had a theme of historic American landmarks and the had the Statue of Liberty and the Arch of St. Louis among others.

This is a private joke that only my friends in PR are going to get.

Here is Rob "enjoying" the song Brown Eyed Girl for the 13th time and waiting for the deep fried Twinkies and deep fried Oreos to cool down.

The Oreos were really good.

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Nina said...

Thanks for the heads up, Aynex, about the new entries in your blog. I haven't visited for a while. You always give me at least one chuckle and 'sweatin' like a pig' in honor of the occasion did it for me this time. soounds like a fun event but I don't think I'd want to try the fried oreos or twinkies. That's definitely something I don't need to like! And now on to the next submission! Nina