It'a a Coquito-Tasting Party!

The other weekend we had a Coquito-Tasting party. What is Coquito, you ask? Coquito is a Puertorrican drink with milk, coconut and rum. It is usually drank during the holidays. It is the Puertorrican equivalent of eggnog but tastes sooo much better. So it is not the holidays and we had no reason for a party but, do we need one?

Of course we have to start with some Puertorrican food. It is only wise.

Thanks to Cisco who spent the whole day making an insane amount of coquito that could drawn the state of Maryland.
The tasting started with the original drink how it is meant to be in all its glory. Then we had chocolate coquito, coquito with pistachio and coquito with pistachio and tequila. Maybe there where more but sincerely, I can't remember. Of course, the dancing started.

And unfortunately a little later, the singing started too.

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Joe said...

¡Oye! ¿Qué te pasa que no me invitaste? Para mi último vacación (que fué en 2008 desafortunadamente) fuí a Puerto Rico para una semana. Me quedé cerca de la playa en San José. Bueno. Cuídate. - Joe