Adobe CS5 Magic

I just got the new Adobe CS5. For those of you who do not know, that is the software I use for all my designs. I don't usually do this in the blog but it is so amazing, I had to share. In Photoshop CS5 there is a new feature called Content Aware Fill. And it is magic.

To try it out I opened this photo (which I am making a quilt from which will probably be finished in December 2020).

And let's say that for some reason, I wanted to remove the cathedral in the back. I made a loose selection of the cathedral.

Then selected Fill > Content Aware Fill and like magic the cathedral is gone and the sky behind it is almost perfect.

Some quick fixes with the Clone Stamp Tool and we are done!

Ok, I could spend a little more time making the sky look perfect but it is pretty good considering that it took me about a minute. Before something like this would probably take around 20 minutes. Photoshop is magic. No wonder they don't accept photos in court as evidence.

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