Kandinsky Sunday - The OTHERS

Unfortunately, I'm not the only furry cute feline in this world. I'm not even the only one in this house. There is only one of them I get along with. His name is Luna. We play around and sit on the window sill together. But I think Luna is just friendly to anyone. He even lets the dog sniff his butt. That dog is very confused. But that is for another blog post. Luna is a pretty cool cat but he does have a strange habit. Every other morning The Mortal wakes up and can't find one of her slippers.
We all know where the slipper is.

I wouldn't mind if all the felines in this world were like Luna. But unfortunately, that is not the case. There are other felines of the bitchy kind. Case in point, Artemis.

She has the habit of getting into impossibly small boxes and eat tape and ribbons. That habit has gotten her into trouble in the past. Maybe all the tape and ribbons in her stomach is what makes her so unfriendly.

This weekend The Mortal is not here. She sent me a text (yes, I'm a techy cat, I have a cell phone) and she told me that she was spending the weekend with these two specimens.

This makes me very nervous.
What is this world coming to?

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