Sweet Birthday

On my birthday I probably gained ten pounds in one day. I spent it enjoying a beautiful first day of Spring in Maryland's coast with a special someone. I started the day opening presents. Good.

We had yummy brunch at The Globe Theater in Berlin, MD. The Globe is an old theater turned into a restaurant. Very good.

Berlin is an extremely cute town.

We drove thru Ocean City, MD where we saw the start of the Mason-Dixon line, went up the coast to Rehoboth Beach, DE and had dinner at Station 7. Station 7 is a fire station turned into a restaurant. There was a fire in town while we were eating and the fire alarm went off. I was waiting for the firemen to come down the pole. Instead it was food that came down my throat! I have lived in Maryland for almost two years and have not had what they are famous for, crab cakes. Since I was near the coast and they were on the menu, I thought it was a good time to try them. Very deliciously good.

You can't have a birthday without cake, right? The Smith Island Cakes are well-known in the area and they were on the menu so I had to order one. Chocolate, of course. Very sinfully good.

Also in the menu was deep fried corn bread. I thought I left the town that deep fried everything that stood still for half a second. In Paducah, Ky they have deep fried Oreos and Twinkies among their oily delicacies. But I had never seen deep fried corn bread. I love corn bread and deep frying can only make it better so I had to order some too. Very greasy good.

As we went home, we made a detour and entered a yellow and blue doll house where the special host had a birthday cake waiting for me. I heard the song Happy Birthday and collected more gifts. Perfect ending to a nice birthday. Very heart-warmingly good.

I hate those blogs that are all about pictures of food and only talk about what they had for lunch today (Yeah, Nikki, I'm talking to you!). Be thankful that I didn't get a picture of the cheesecake my family had waiting for me when I got home the next day. I swear this blog is not going to turn into one of those. Just had to share a very sweet happy birthday. The day my stomach turned into a bottom-less pit.


Nikki D. May said...

Hey, I heard that!

Rayela Art said...

Awww.... That was a sweet birthday, Aynex! I'll never forget the biggy you had here, but that one was a record breaker, right? I'm glad you had such a nice time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going well with the gentleman caller. I guess this means I don't need to send cousins Luigi & Dante after him.

Happy Birthday, el canoso Joe.