About Dads and Birthdays

My Dad and his girlfriend Yadira came to visit last week. They came for Tarina's 15th birthday. This picture was taken after a wine tasting so that explains why I'm sleeping. I chose it because is the only picture I have that is not in front of a restaurant table. See...

We did the touristy thing of course but mostly we hang out and ate, ate, ate... The picture above was taken at Matsutake Japanese Restaurant where we celebrated Tarina's birthday. I was at a restaurant surrounded by 11 teenagers.

But the night went by quick thanks to my dinner companion who was drawing alcoholic drinks.

That explains the mischievous smile. Tarina and her Dad made the cake the night before. Doesn't this cake screams QuinceaƱera in March?

That was how the birthday girl wanted to decorate it so what can we say? This is Tarina that night.

No, she is not 15 and pregnant. That's just the dress. What I like about this picture is the cook in the back.

The next day, that was actually her real birthday, we went to eat (see a pattern developing?) brunch at Cashion's Eat Place in DC. Where we celebrated her birthday again with just the family.

Mom and daughter 3-14-10

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Joe Orlando said...

Wine tasting. WINE TASTING? ¿Y no me invitaste?