Kandinsky Sunday - I'm just more evolved

In the photo above you can see my eating routine. I lay down in front of the food bowl, pull some food on the floor with my paw and eat it. Now some people may think that that makes me lazy. Why don't I stand up to eat like all the other cats? Well, I am not like all the other cats. I'm more evolved than all the other felines. Think about it. Do you humans like to eat standing up? I don't think so. You sit down, right? Well, I am one step ahead of all you mortals. I lay down. How else do you think I have achieved this beautiful physique?

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peregrino said...

It is possible to envy this cat (or a cat?). The device which gives food - automatic? It is possible to leave the favourite of the house for some days and not to be afraid, what it will starve?
Good luck!