Kandinsky Sunday - I'm sick

Even though they do not let me be an outdoor cat here, I manage to get out quite a bit. Sometimes I get caught in the rain but it is a small price to pay because it is so much more fun out there. The other day I woke up with a very sexy voice. Everyone said it was a scary voice but I know better. Artemis was giving me that special look. After a while my thought started to hurt and the mortal took me to the vet. The vet said I had Laryngitis. I'm special. How many cats you know that had had Laryngitis? She poked me and touched me all over. I wasn't really scared especially with the dogs barking outside the door. I am a brave grown up cat and I didn't even meowed once. Not even when I was in the car with Aynex driving! Ok, maybe a little.

I'm getting my regular voice back. Time to escape again as soon as they open that door.

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