Tarina Thursday

Hallo! This is Tari! Aynex's niece, of course! Ok, I've been using too many !! marks. As you can see above ^ I dressed Aynex's "fat," Dinsky, in our dog, Chubakashakalakadingdong's winter coat. He lookses happeh, dun he? I sure am happy to be snugglin wif him.
I would be happier snuggling with someone else. ;] My Grunny of course. Oh, Grunny stands for Grinch Bunny mixed. Ha ha. This all derived from my BFFs and just regular best friends, Ellen, David, Ben, and Rachel. You see, Ben called the boy I liked's smile as creepy as the Grinch's. Not cool, but totally funny. And my BFFs, Rachel and Ellen, are bent on codenames [so am I] so Ellen came up with 'Fluffy.' I told her, "When I think of 'Fluffy' I think of bunnies." And Ellen goes, "I know! Grunny!" Grunnies are these little green bunnies on this website called Gaia. Now, the boy I like is Grunny.
Oh, wow. I think I got sick sledding the other day. Ugh, sick = crap. I need like 100 mL of NyQuil. That would be nice. then I would have enough energy to harrass David tomorrow. Ha. *cough* Ugh.....
I like emo boys and skaters!
lol so sorry! I'm just weird! You should tune in next week to see what is new!

Loveses from,
Tarina! [Teen Angst]

P.S. You will be hearing a lot more about Grunny!

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