I have decided to go back to school. I already have a bachelor's degree in Hotel Management but that is not what I want to do and it is hard to get an entry level job in a hotel with my limitations. I have been doing graphic and web design for almost four years now. I always feel at a disadvantage when looking for design jobs because I don't have a degree and there are jobs out there that wont even look at your work if you don't have a design degree. In my case, the government in Maryland will pay for a two-year degree. So I said, why not?

I signed up at the Frederick Community College for an Associate's in Digital Design. Classes started last week. It is so different going to school when you are older. You have so much more interest in learning. You really see the importance of what the teacher is saying and you actually what to know the stuff not just learn it to get a good grade in the test and then forget it. Almost all the classes I am taking now are art classes, so that may have something to do with my interest. I'll let you know when I take a science lab or English literature.

Another thing I have noticed are the attitude the regular (young) students have towards school. In the middle of class, if I look behind me all I can see is a sea of extremely bored faces that look like their souls are being tortured by having to sit there. It is amazing to me how professors don't just give up and leave in the middle of the class.

The classes I'm taking this semester are Design, Drawing, Art History and Mass Media. I have always thought that I can't draw to save my life but I was surprised after drawing my first few sketches that if I take the time and actually think about what I am doing / seeing, I can draw pretty decently. The Drawing professor looks just like Mark Palmer, a friend of mine. I'll post some sketches here at some point.

This is the first time in my life I have actually felt grown up or maybe I should say old. In my Art History class the professor was talking about Beetles songs and everyone look like they had never heard of them. I sometimes don't answer a professors question in class because I feel like I am always the only one answering. The other day in my Mass Media class they were asking what is your favorite old movie and someone said Forrest Gump!

I am going to school full-time, doing an internship part-time and the rest of the time I have to do homework. I have a to do list of assignments that has 15 items. Just for next week. So basically I don't have time for anything. But that is a good thing.


William F. Renzulli said...

Aynex, you're right, you are not mature, your just OLD! But because you are so beautiful and talented, it doesn't matter.

Best wishes in your new endeavor. We still miss you!!

and love you,


madre-terra said...

All sounds good and fulfilling in your world.
Isn't it great to be so turned on by what you are doing?
You got me thinking about my favorite old movie....
Any Boris Karloff one or Alfred Hitchcock but the oldest one I can think of is Charlie Chaplin. I can't remember the name of it (because I am so old and these things start to happen) but I like the one where he is in the cabin and it starts to fall off a cliff.
I am so glad that things are going well off in Mary-land for you.

timerulesmylife said...

Good Luck on continuing your education. I am sure that you will succeed no matter what you do.

Patience-please said...

yay for school!!! I went to college and nursing school as an adult. It's nice just to learn and study without all the homonal/coming of age BS.

Busy is good, YES?