On Saturday we celebrated Kiara's 7th birthday and the Kiaraolympics! I asked her to draw the mascot for her Olympics Games. She did and I made invitations and we gave them to her friends.

The day of the event she wore a t-shirt with the mascot and we went to the park were Kiaraolympics were going to take place.

The athletes started arriving and while we waited for everyone to arrive, Kiara delighted us with her melodic singing voice.

After all the athletes arrived, we started the event with an opening ceremony were all the athletes were presented. Finishing the ceremony, Kiara ran in carrying the Olympic Torch.

We started the sporting events with a frisbee competition to see who could throw the farthest. After a demonstration by Kiara's mom, we did a long jump competition to see who could jump the longest.

After that we had a water gun shoot out to see who could shoot the most cans.

Then we did the balloon race where two athletes had to run the race balancing a balloon with their backs. Tarina, Kiara's sister, showed us how to correctly do the limbo for our limbo competition to see who can limbo the lowest.

After limboing, everyone jumped rope to see who could jump the quickest.

And finally we had a three-legged race to see which team could run the fastest without falling down.

We found out that not many teams could run without falling down except Kiara and Amanda but then again, Amanda won every other race.

Not even the ice cream truck could distract them from the competition. Believe me, he tried.

After the competition was over we sang Happy Birthday, Kiara.

The kids had a lot of fun.

Another successful party planned by Aynex Mercado.

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