The death of my arms

Tuesday was the first time I met with my personal trainer. I was going to post this yesterday but I couldn't lift up my arms to type it. I usually work on my legs but she decided that we were going to work on my upper body that day. Oh! did we work on it. Our session was about an hour long at noon and then at night she had a group class that I went too. The class was supposed to be an hour long but she lost track of time and the class lasted two hours! So I worked out three hours in one day! When I first talked to her she said that she was going to get me to the point that I would not need the cane anymore. Well, when I came home I was so tired that I could not hold the cane. I was dragging it. Is that what she meant when she said I wasn't going to use the cane anymore?


madre-terra said...

She sounds like a tyrant.
Next time hit her with your cane then put the cane down and walk away.
That'll show her!

Paul Lorenz said...

whine, whine, whine...get to work!