What I will NOT miss. Part 1

I struggled and struggled about writing this post because I don't want to leave on a sour note. I don't want to give a bad impression about Paducah that has given me so much. But no place is perfect. I wouldn't be leaving if it was. It is very close to perfect and I am one of those persons that always thinks the grass is greener on the other side. So on this post I'll tell you about the not so nice part of Paducah which is not that big and then I'll return to my nice old self. Promise. I just have to get this off my chest.

What I'm not going to miss:
  • Kentucky Radio Stations
I never listen to the radio here because the radio only plays the Three C's of Hell. Country music (which is an oxymoron), Christian music, and Classic rock. Nough said.
  • Paducah Doctors
The less I could go to the doctor the better. I always had a bad experience. I didn't had a regular doctor until I lived here for three years. Only when I started falling all over the place with my bad hip did I decided that it was a good time to see a doctor. I'm not afraid of doctors but the ones here are no good. At least the ones I saw. They don't care about you. They just want to get you in and out as fast as they can so they can bill your insurance company. With all my health issues, my doctor didn't even asked for my medical records from Massachussetts.
  • Jesus Freaks
For four years I have been cinched by the bible belt. When I moved here the first phrase you hear out of everyone's mouth is "What church do you go to? Do you have a church? You can come with me to my church." Do they give them referral points in church? There must be a church in every other block. Everything revolves around Jesus here. They even pray before the City Commission meetings. Is that legal? I don't care what you believe in, just don't push it on me. Even the bread is just as God intended.

  • Tornado Alarms
Every first Saturday of the month they test the tornado alarm. It is a very annoying sound four blocks away from my house. The alarm is on top of an apartment building. I can't imagine how annoying it most be for the people that live in that building. If they are on the phone they probably have to hang up because they sound the alarm for like 10 minutes. Then once in a while there is a real tornado warning and they sound the alarm. I have to run all over the house to try to catch my cat, lure him into the closet and wait there until the alarm goes off. There is never a tornado. At least if there was a tornado there will be some excitement and a reason to be hiding in the closet.

  • Paducah Grocery Stores
The grocery stores here could use some work.


Paul said...

Jesus bread...should you actually toast it...what if it burns...? Is that some kind of sin...?

Patience-please said...

Yah, the grocery stores suck. I fear part 2. Be nice.

Anthony G said...
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Anthony G said...

Paducah Doctors do suck ask my mom who had a tumor growing inside her for 4 months while the Docs tried to figure it out. It didnt take them 4 months to send a bill thats for sure. The radio stations do suck! When I go to Miami or Chicago theres always something for everyone. This area is more like the belt buckle of the bible belt. Its tightly fastened around church and Jesus. To each his own though. I have left here before and came back because the people are very welcoming. This town is laid back and calm along with the people (the ones that arent stuck in church). The dating scene is horrible as well.

madre-terra said...

Okay, now I can clear the stars from my eyes.
I'll just have to get out my rose colored glasses instead.
But, ah, bad grocery stores. I hate bad grocer stores.

Anonymous said...

Aynex I hate to see you go!! Even though things did not work out with MM. I understand exactly what you are saying about the over-religious Paducah area folks!! I feel the same way.

I hope you are happy wherever you go. And keep making your beautiful art.
Love, JLily

Aynex Mercado said...

JLily, thanks for the comment. I hope MM is doing well and you too.

DM Walker said...

I am going to miss you! We'll be in Maryland visiting the fam soon, and I'll get in touch with you.

Okay, sister, I'm so with you on the grocery store thing. It was one of the biggest disappointments when we moved to Paducah. I'm so tired of hauling coolers of ice to Nashville, St. Louis, & Louisville just to get quality ingredients, cheese, meats, etc.

You'll not have this problem in Frederick. Promise. :)

Love you!