I'll miss... the dogs

Yes, I said it. I'll be the dogs but not all dogs. I'll especially won't miss Audrey because she is scary even though she is harmless. Lowertown is a dog neighborhood. I think there is a rule that to move here you have to have a dog or nine. The dogs I'll miss are:

The whippets and their blog battle with my cat Dinsky. Patience has nine whippets. These dogs taught me that even dogs can be beautiful. They are so sculptural and well behaved. No wonder they have won so many shows.

I'll miss Jack. He taught me that even big scary dogs can be cute and cuddly. Emily would walk him every day by the Texaco Station and Jack would automatically turn to say hi to me and give me a sloppy doggie kiss.Finally, I'll miss Rosie. She is my kind of dog because she is so girly but I don't know if I'll really miss Rosie or I'm really missing Julie her mom. They are so alike that every time I think of Rosie I think of Julie and it warms my heart.

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Nikki D. May said...

I can't believe you left my dogs out! They didn't even get a most annoying mention! Sara and Scruffy say you are dead to them!