Kandinsky Sunday - Out!

I am officially an outdoor cat. Yes, I said cat, not kitten. I am one year old now and I am all grown up. I can handle anything now. All I have to do is stand at the door and meow for ten minutes straight and the mortal opens the door for me. So now the mortal has another line added to her job responsibilities, doorman, I mean, doorperson. I wish she would understand that I need to go out without me having to meow for ten minutes but she is in training now. She will get it someday.

She is spreading some horrible rumors that I only go out in the evening because I'm afraid of the birds. Well, let me make very clear that I'm NOT afraid of those little signing creatures. I just don't go out during the day because I don't want to expose my delicate skin to the sun and get premature wrinkles. I have to take care of myself now that I am an old man.

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madre-terra said...

You are very fortunate indeed Kandinsky!
We are moving to Paducah and we hear our human servant family will not let us out of the house. We will have to be indoor cats. Imagine our horror.
Have your human talk to our human. Would ya?
Ethel M. & Godiva